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Old 04-06-2001, 02:44 PM
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Default 5/1 e-Conf: Converting HUD Sec 8 vouchers to homeownership

>Sponsored by the National Housing Law Project
>The HUD Section 8 Homeownership Program is gaining popularity across the
>country as more and more Section 8 participants convert their
>tenant-based-rental-assistance to MORTGAGE PAYMENT assistance to purchase
>their own homes.
>The new homeownership program offers a unique opportunity for low and very
>low-income families to participate in the American dream of homeownership
>at an affordable price.
>In an effort to expand understanding of the Section 8 Homeownership
>Program and to ensure that viable and successful homeownership programs
>are adopted by local housing authorities across the country, the National
>Housing Law Project will conduct two one and one-half hour teleconferences
>about the program in May and June.
>The first teleconference is set for Tuesday, May 1, 2001 and will provide
>an overview of the federal regulations and an explanation of how to put
>together a Section 8 homeownership program. The teleconference will also
>include a review several programs across the country which have already
>been successfully implemented. The teleconference will be moderated by
>Lynn Martinez, NHLP’s staff attorney responsible for the administering our
>Section 8 Homeownership Initiative. Joining her for the first
>teleconference will be the following panelists:
>Jay Smith, Community Builder, U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development
>Mike Flo, Executive Director, City of Benicia Housing Authority
>Deborah Collins, Managing Attorney, Legal Services of Northern California
>Emily Vaupel, Homeownership Program Coordinator, Burlington Housing Authority
>The second teleconference, set for Tuesday, June 5, 2001, will provide a
>detailed discussion of financing options and various types of community
>participation that can effectively promote homeownership opportunities
>among low-income families. Panelists for this teleconference will be
>announced at a later date. Both teleconferences will begin at 10:00 a.m.
>Pacific Time (1:00 p.m. Eastern).
>Who Should Participate?
>Wide participation is encouraged. Housing attorneys, advocates, tenant
>leaders and organizers, housing sponsors, PHA staff, community lenders,
>first time homeowner counseling agencies, community development
>organizations, government loan program staff, non-profit developers, real
>estate professionals and others working in the field of housing and
>community development are invited to join in these unique teleconferences
>that will be moderated by NHLP.
>There is a $30/telephone line charge for each teleconference. However,
>there are no limits as to the number of people that may listen in on the
>same line (you may use a speakerphone). In addition, participants will
>receive, or be able to download materials for use during and after the
>teleconferences. Persons signing up for both teleconferences at the same
>time may do so for a discounted total charge of $50.
>Persons interested in participating in these teleconferences must register
>with the National Housing Law Project by Monday, April 23, for the first
>teleconference and Tuesday, May 29, for the second teleconference. All
>persons who pre-register by these dates will receive teleconference
>materials and dial in instructions before the teleconference.
>Click here for registration form.
>Please mail the registration to NHLP together with your payment.
>For more information, please contact
>Lynn Martinez
> (510) 251-9400 ext. 110
>National Housing Law Project
>614 Grand Ave., Ste. 320
>Oakland, CA 94610
>Fax 510-451-2300
>Washington, DC Office:
>1012 Fourteenth Street NW, Suite 610
>Washington, D.C. 20005
>(202) 347-8775 (202) 347-8776 (FAX)

Maryellen J. Lewis
Program Leader/Community Capital
MSU Community & Economic Dev.
1801 W. Main Street
Lansing, Michigan 48915-1097 USA
ph: 517-353-9555 voicemail: 517-393-5330
fax: 517-484-0068
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If you have come because your liberation is tied up with
mine, then we can work together."
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