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Default Professional Opportunities in the OCC’s Community Affairs Department

Original message from:

For more, visit Community Affairs

The OCC’s Community Affairs Department is currently recruiting for four challenging positions:

Director of Community Affairs Policy (located in Washington, D.C.)

Financial Literacy Community Development Specialist (located in Washington, D.C.)

Community Development Expert (located in Washington, D.C.)

Community Affairs Officer for the Western District (located in Denver, CO)

Applications must be received by the closing dates in August identified below.
OCC's Community Affairs Department supports the OCC's mission to ensure a safe and sound banking system by helping national banks to be leaders in providing community development financing and retail services to underserved communities and consumers. Those activities include:

Providing training and technical assistance on effective strategies for community development, formation of community development corporations, community development banks, lending consortia and other partnerships, or investing in community development projects.

Conducting tailored one-on-one consultations with national banks to assist these institutions in identifying opportunities and resources to support community development finance.

Sponsoring conferences, roundtable discussions, and workshops for the exchange of information and ideas, among lenders, community groups, and government officials.

Developing publications and Web-based resources on innovative approaches banks have used to provide community development financing and retail financial services to underserved rural, urban and Native American communities.

Administration of the national bank community development investment authority (12 CFR Part 24 or "Part 24"). Under this authority, national banks may make investments that are designed to primarily promote the public welfare. Those investments typically support such activities as affordable housing development, equity for start-up and small business expansion, and commercial redevelopment of government-targeted revitalization areas.

The duties of the Director of Community Affairs Policy are:

Overseeing the development of Community Affairs' "best practices" publications and research reports on community development and Community Reinvestment Act topics (designed for external distribution to bankers and other industry practitioners).

Analyzing, making policy recommendations, and implementing initiatives in the community development banking arena.

Developing speeches, testimony, and press materials related to community and economic development as well as consumer protection matters affecting the financial services industry.

Developing ongoing relationships with external organizations involved in community and economic development issues and speaking at their conferences and other public events.

This position is current posted in USA Jobs (DEU-JR-09-051) and the closing date is August 17, 2009. Follow the link below to apply:

The Financial Literacy Community Development Specialist will:
· Support the OCC's outreach in financial literacy and education activities with the goal of helping national bank customers become better engaged in sound financial decision-making.
· Serve as a technical expert on the OCC’s financial literacy/access outreach initiatives.
· Plan and implement educational and outreach sessions for consumers; provide technical assistance and information on financial literacy/access concepts, programs, and delivery mechanisms; and produce materials about financial products and access to financial services.
· Represent the OCC at the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy and the Financial Literacy and Education Commission as well as coordinate Community Affairs’ involvement in the Treasury Department’s financial literacy initiatives.
This position is current posted in USA Jobs (DEU-JR-09-052) and the closing date is August 21, 2009. Follow the link below to apply:

The duties of the Community Development Expert are:
· Serving as a technical expert on community and economic development writing and outreach projects.
· Designing and coordinating the preparation of final reports, analyses or outreach strategies, and presenting results to diverse high-level audiences.
· Preparing major reports for project teams, as well as briefing materials for the OCC senior managers and other OCC team members.
· Providing analysis/advice in areas of expertise to Community Affairs Department.
· Researching and drafting memoranda and position papers in areas of expertise and responding to questions.
· Providing assistance in quantitative analysis on housing and community/economic development issues.
· Assisting with speechwriting and testimony preparation.
· Organizing OCC conferences, preparing publications, writing technical reports and articles and developing other tools to assist banks in meeting community development and housing credit needs and fair lending obligations.
· Representing Community Affairs on OCC or interagency taskforces that analyze major policy issues affecting the financial system, and analyzing and recommending policy options.
· Preparing responses to requests regarding OCC policy positions from the industry, bank customer groups, congressional staff, officials from other regulatory agencies and the public.
· Representing the OCC before bank trade associations, national banks, and government agencies to articulate OCC policies and promote community and economic development.
· Providing information/advice to national bank examiners, OCC policy makers and government agencies on community and economic development trends, opportunities and programs that affect the banking industry.
This position is current posted in USA Jobs (DEU-JR-09-055) and the closing date is August 31, 2009. Follow the link below to apply:

The duties of the Community Affairs Officer for the Western District are:
· Serving as a technical advisor to OCC management, office staff and field examiners concerning the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and community development issues.
· Providing training for examiners and bankers on issues related to CRA, community development services, lending and investment.
· Developing and maintaining an effective outreach program that identifies and addresses issues facing underserved rural areas, affordable housing developers, small minority-owned businesses, communities, consumers, and state and local governments, regarding community and consumer banking issues and economic development issues.
· Facilitating efforts to promote communication and understanding between the OCC field examiners and the communities in which the institutions they examine are located.
· Sponsoring activities designed to educate and encourage communication among OCC staff, bankers, community groups and other interested parties on the CRA and community and economic development issues.
· Developing and maintaining a clearinghouse of governmental and private sector programs (regional, state, county, local) and public/private partnerships that provide housing, services and jobs to low- and moderate-income people and small and minority businesses.
· Conducting research and statistical analysis on, and developing original survey information about, the community development lending and investment activities of national banks.
· Developing informational material, for general distribution, on OCC policies, programs and activities relating to community reinvestment and community and economic development.
· Providing community/eighborhood organizations and other public interest groups information regarding OCC's policies and procedures relating to CRA and community development lending and investment.
This position is current posted in USA Jobs (DEU-JR-09-052) and the closing date is August 28, 2009. Follow the link below to apply:

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency was created by Congress to charter national banks, to oversee a nationwide system of banking institutions, and to assure that national banks are safe and sound, competitive and profitable, and capable of serving in the best possible manner the banking needs of their customers.

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