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Default CEO/ Executive Director Opening in N CA Region, Rural Afford

From: "Susan J. Maini" <>

In advance, I wish to thank you for sharing the following significant
CEO/ Executive opportunity in rural housing development with
listservs and professional networks. Feel free to e-mail me should
you have suggestions or wish to explore this position.

Thanks and best wishes,
Susan Maini, Search Consultant
Enterprise Inc
Tel 508-545-1734

CEO/ Executive Opportunity in Rural Housing Development

Ukiah CA: Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation (RCHDC),
a 32-year old nonprofit serving a beautiful, 6-county region of N.
CA, seeks a leader with the ability to cultivate a management team
who sustains the delivery of self-help and multi-family housing for
low/ mod income families, fixed-income, and special need
populations. Our executive will be comfortable with finance and
structuring projects using several sources of public and private
dollars. S/he will strengthen organizational capacity and RCHDC's
asset portfolio while positioning management to seize significant
future opportunity in the region. RCHDC has a dedicated 77-member
staff; an engaged 12-member Board of Directors; a supportive network
of funding and service partners; a 2.8m operating budget; and 27m in
assets including 932 MF units at 29 sites. PM division manages 1014
units; Dev division has 11- project pipeline. Position offers
6-figure salary based on experience plus benefits. Visit Click on
for job detail. E-mail EOE

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