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Default Alternative 'Lectronic Currents - August '97

A canadian Credit Union has put a lot of effort into the web site
The page starts with a picture of the Multi story Humungous Bank building. Their motto, "We have built this bank one service charge at a time." Take the elevator to the 10th Floor and see my favorite ad campaign, "We're not just interested in money. We're interested in people with money."

Full Time Positions
Computer Operations Specialist: Primary administration and support for
computer systems; data processing.
Member Service Mgr. Assistant: Training to Supervise active telling
department. Committed to economic justice. Alternatives Credit Union. 301
W. State St. 273-4611.

Hours in change
"When you accept and spend Ithaca HOURS you expand Ithaca's money supply, which means more jobs, more grants to community organizations, more microloans to small businesses, more support for local businesses, more of many good things. When you buy HOURS from AFCU to
spread around town, you also contribute to this process. Just ask any teller."


Have you recently considered purchasing a New or Used Car? __Yes __No
If so, would you like to be pre-approved for your financing? __Yes __No
Do you currently have a Car Loan? __Yes __No
If so, is it financed with the Credit Union? __Yes __No
If not, are you interested in finding out about refinancing options? __Yes __No
Would you like more information sent by e-mail? __Yes __No

Name:________________________ Account#:_____________ EMail _____________

If you don't live or work in Tompkins County, in order to be eligible for a Credit Union auto loan, you have to have had account for 3 months and car can be located up to 2 counties away from Ithaca.

P.S. We're sending you this note because you're a Credit Union member - and because we think you'll be as excited this news as we are. But if you'd prefer not to receive monthly e-mail, reply with REMOVE in the subject. We'll miss you, but your name will be removed from our mailing list.

Have you noticed that Eudora has released an update e-mail version with PGP? This letter is signed with an encrypted signature, allowing you to verify that it was sent by the Credit Union.

The maker of world's most popular mail client (we think) has just
released the Eudora Productivity Toolkit on CD-ROM. The toolkit
includes modules to PGP sign and encrypt your messages, a virus
scanner, a compression/archive utility, a file viewer which lets you
look at attachments in all sorts of oddball formats (like Microsoft
Word) directly from Eudora. A decent collection of useful utilities
nicely integrated with Eudora.(Netsurfer Digest)

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