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Default Premier Events in 2012

Original message from:

Dear Colleagues,

There will be hundreds of events to celebrate the the United Nations
International Year of Co-operatives. It is important that we celebrate
the year by going beyond celebrating what co-operatives have achieved.
Co-operatives, credit unions and mutual businesses need to plan how they
can make this a better world.

Two international events planned for October 2012 in Quebec City,
Canada, will focus on our contribution to making a better world:

* Imagine 2012: The International Conference on Co-operative Economics
<> (October 6- will focus on the real
economy and how to make it meet human need rather than stoking human
* The International Co-operative Summit
<>(October 8-11)will look at what
co-operative business can do and identify action areas

The hosts for both events will be Desjardins (Canada's largest financial
co-operative) The International Co-operative Alliance and Saint Mary's
University's Master of Management - Co-operatives and Credit Unions program

The goal is to gather 1,200-1,500 co-operative leaders from around the
world. Count yourself and your co-operative in and SAVE THE DATES

Tom Webb


J Tom Webb, Program Manager
Master of Management - Co-operatives and Credit Unions
902 634 4536 - Lunenburg
902 496 8170 - Saint Mary's
902 624 9048 - Cottage Office - June-September

"Be the change you want in the world" Gandhi
""First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". Gandhi
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