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I hope you will find this of interest. Please share with interested
colleagues as well. --Thanks!

> Business Retention and Expansion Master Consultant Certification
> Training Is Now On-Line!
> You can now participate in Business Retention and Expansion
> International's award-winning consultant certification course at
> home and when it is most convenient for you!
> The Business Retention and Expansion Consultant Certification Course
> will give you the training and tools you need to coach a community
> through a successful business retention and expansion visitation
> program. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be
> certified by the premier international BR&E organization as a BR&E
> Consultant.
> Like the classroom version of the course, you will conduct a
> firm visit, interview an experienced BR&E consultant, participate in
> discussions with the instructor and other course participants, and
> work in small groups. The difference is that for most of these
> activities you will be working at your home or office and using
> email.
> The course is designed for community and economic development
> professionals, local leaders, and community development educators
> and consultants. To take the course, you will need access to email
> and the World Wide Web and be familiar using both.
> The class begins March 15 and ends May 21. You can work when and
> where you like. However, you have a set time period (either a week
> or two weeks) to complete each of the course's 10 units.
> The course will prepare you to work with communities on the
> five major phases of successful BR&E visitation programs:
> --training volunteer visitors
> --completing firm visits and collecting quality data
> --conducting a red-flag review of surveys
> --developing action plans
> --reporting to communities
> The course will also help give you the opportunity to:
> --become recognized as a local, state, and national BR&E leader
> --get up-to-date on the best practices in BR&E and BR&E visitation
> programs --join a network of BR&E consultants.
> Participants in the first run of the course were very enthusiastic
> with 100% reporting that the course's eight key units met all or
> most of their objectives. Fourteen people from across the country
> and abroad completed the course and are now certified BR&E
> consultants. If you would like to ask one of them about the course,
> Patricia Love will put you in touch with someone.
> Course fee: $300
> (Includes a $50 membership to BREI, course binder, a video including
> a documentary of a local program, a training segment on training for
> firm visits, and a segment addressing red flags, five booklets,
> sample surveys, sample promotional factsheets, and other materials
> you can use both in the class and with communities.)
> Registration due by March 8, 1999.
> For registration information, please contact Karen Sorensen at (612)
> 625-3783 or ksorensen@extension.umn.edu
> For more information on the course, please contact: Patricia Love at
> plove@extension.umn.edu
> For more information on BREI, visit its Web site: www.brei.org
> ---------------------------------
> Business Retention and Expansion International is a nonprofit,
> professional association of economic development professionals
> working for the advancement of business retention and expansion as
> an economic development strategy for communities.
> Instructor: Patricia Love, University of Minnesota Patricia Love
> has considerable experience working with communities and BR&E
> consultants on BR&E visitation programs. She has worked directly
> with eleven programs, was the director of Minnesota's
> internationally recognized program for the past 2 1/2 years, and
> has been an instructor of both BREI's classroom and on-line
> consultant certification course. In addition, Patricia has several
> years of consulting experience on a wide range of community and
> economic development issues.
> George W. Morse
> Department of Applied Economics
> University of Minnesota
> 1994 Buford Ave.
> St. Paul, MN 55108-6040

Patricia Love

101 First Street, Suite 404
Los Altos, CA 94022

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