To Our CIN Readers - Thank You and Farewell

The Community Investment Network™ has been available to you 24/7 for important news, commentary and research since the early days of 2007. All of the work of monitoring, editing and presenting has been made possible by the support of our primary sponsor - National Community Reinvestment Network - and the generosity of select financial institutions that care about community development and believe in the mission of the CIN.

Going into year 2012 it has become clear that we cannot continue the work of the CIN due to financial circumstances. Therefore, effective Friday, February 13th, we will be closing the CIN to new content.

We want to thank you for your loyal support and readership over the years. It's been very important to us - you have been the beneficiaries of our close and constant monitoring of critical community investment, reinvestment and development activities.

Throughout the financial crisis - from 2008 to the present - we have worked to bring you the news and commentary that you needed to navigate your own community investment and community development journeys. We hope that our work has been helpful and has added value to your own work.

To our financial institution supporters - Bank of America, Chase, Citi, HSBC, TD Bank, US Bank; and, the Federal Home Loan Bank system - we say a hearty "thank you." We could not have done this work without your generous support and encouragement over the years.

To NCRC - we want to thank the board of directors, staff, and especially CEO John Taylor and director of communications Jesse Van Tol for their collaboration to make the CIN a success. We've enjoyed the journey together and will always have good memories of our long-term relationship. (We've been members of NCRC for more than a decade.)

Best wishes to all... from the team at Governance & Accountability Institute, creators and managers of the CIN.

February 2012

P.S. - - Although CIN is not going to be updated, you can find Community Investment and related news and commentary on G&A Institute's "Accountability Central™" web platform - at

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-- The team at Governance & Accountability Institute